Monday, November 28, 2011

1000 lb Club!

Not too long ago I put up a post where I talked about my goals.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here are the key points again:

1. Bulk up via strength training to about 150 lbs (~10-15% body fat is fine)
2. Join the 1000lb club (Deadlift, bench, and squat must add up to at least 1000lb)

3. Bring my conditioning up (Cut back on strength training and focus on circuit training ~5-8% body fat)

As of today, I have officially accomplished the first two goals.  :)  I've been sitting around 150 lbs for a few weeks now, and just today I hit the 1000 lb mark.  I deadlifted 405# (5x) a few days ago, and I squated 345# (5x) today, and benched 250# (3x) last week.  I'm still working on the bench, but I hurt my shoulder so I need to give it some time to heal.  I finally completed the Madcow program, which was an overwhelming success.  I truly doubted it would work at the beginning, but I'm really happy I stuck with it.  

Bulking up was a success
 Now for my final goal.  I just hope that I don't lose all my weight and strength once start doing cardio.  

But the way things are going, anything's possible.  Life is good :)


  1. Congratulations! Felicidades!

    That weight gain trendline is very impressive.

    I would very much like it if you showed us a comparison of a (DL+squat+bench)lbs / (body weight)lbs between you and some of your idols :) Just a curious thought.

  2. Thanks AJ!

    haha I'll look into it.

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